Hi everyone,

We are few friends from EA Co-Working Discord and EA Co-Working Gather.Town community and we are organizing an in-person coworking on Monday Aug 2nd, right after EAG SF weekend.

We found coworking, and especially coworking with EA people, to be an effective way to do productive work with social accountability, get inspiration & motivation from other people's EA-related work, and a low-effort way stay connected with the EA community and prevent value drift.

That is why we like to organize this joint event between EA Coworking Community and the EA startup OpenPrinciples.org, to get more EA community members to experience the power of coworking and "group flow", and for our EA coworking community to meet each other in person.


Time: Tuesday Aug 2nd, 12:30pm - 6pm. 

Address: Sports Basement Berkeley, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA 94703 

Capacity: 50 people

Contact the Host: Tianyu Guo

You can choose to join one of the 2 events:

  1. 12:30pm~4pm, structured coworking, by EA Coworking Community: 30min introduction, gather around, round table introduction and have everyone to share the tasks you will be working on + 3 silent coworking sessions each will be 1 hour long + 1hour Demo time for everyone (5min/person) to showcase things you worked on.
  2. 5:00~6:00pm , by OpenPrinciples.org: we will have an optional “Principled Piving” workshop at the same location on how to align one’s actions with their (EA) principles. It will be a CFAR-style workshop and provide a worksheet with some exercises on reflecting, planning, and reviewing your life principles. This will be a summarized version of our 3 wk OpenPrinciples Bootcamp.


Sign up for the limited spots here: 



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