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Introducing Animal Advocacy Africa

Congratulations! This is a very much needed research project. I've seen orgs scaling up to i.e. SA without any research, which resulted in not very successful programs. I also know very little about animal movement in African countries, so really looking forward to your reports.

Introducing Animal Ask

Huge congratulations and thank you for creating this org! I think it's very much needed, mostly because I am an animal activist for 20 years now and I think we could do even better when choosing which campaigns do we implement as a movement. I really hope that thanks to Animal Ask's help we will progress even faster for animals. The time is crucial, the amount of suffering and deaths unbearable. Thanks, Amy and George for taking this important challenge, and I really hope many organizations will use your talent and experience.

Introducing LEEP: Lead Exposure Elimination Project

Congratulation on your launch! Very impressed so far on how much progress you're making in a short amount of time. Good luck in Malawi!

2020 Top Charity Ideas - Charity Entrepreneurship

If you're interested in who will be starting some of these charities, we have now posted a video with our 2020 Incubation Program participants: https://youtu.be/2DC25RBzsQM We're very grateful because we received over 3,000 applications this year. In the video we ask participants why they decided to join the program.

Responding to COVID-19 in India

I am beyond impressed how fast this was put together. Great work!!!

Update On Six New Charities Incubated By Charity Entrepreneurship

I know I am biased because I work at CE, but I am extremely grateful for all the entrepreneurs and their work so far. I worked in a startup environment, so I know it's not easy to take this enormous responsibility that includes: providing high-quality research, managing contacts with business owners/governments/charities, responsible hiring, communications, operations, tons of traveling, and many many more. I am particularly excited about Fish Welfare Initiative since my biggest wish for fish is that they have their own "Open Wing Alliance". I hope many of you here on the EA forum will support these new charities and share your experience with them.

AMA: Rob Mather, founder and CEO of the Against Malaria Foundation

Do you think it will be possible to create high-impact, EA (complied to GiveWell standards) charities for animals? If yes - what would be the first step to achieve this? (Like what is missing in current animal advocacy that could brought it to this kind of cost-effective rigor?).

AMA: We are Jon and Kathryn. We work with The Life You Can Save. Ask us anything!

I have heard that TYLCS prepared a great event promoting the book in London (the guest list was small but amazing, the venue as well - so I heard). So I was wondering how much time was spent on preparing the event? How much money did you spend on it (stuff hours + venue/catering costs)? And what are the tips on putting a great guest list (like i.e. you want to funders, influencers, experienced EAs in the same room in the same time - that is super tough). Basically, I would like to know more on promoting via this kind of events. Do you think money wise it's worth it? How do you judge if it was a success or not? And how you did it?

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