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TLDR: In this post, we’re announcing the opening of applications for AIM's two upcoming programs, the CE Incubation Program and the AIM Research Program. You can now apply to multiple programs with one joint application form!

The upcoming programs are: 

  • CE Incubation Program - apply to one or both dates: 
    • Runs August 12 - October 4, 2024 (scroll for top ideas)
    • Runs February-March 2025
  • Research Program: 
    • Runs September 23- December 13, 2024

 The deadline for applications for both programs is April 14, 2024!

Apply now

Below, you can find more information about both of the programs. We will also be hosting an online event with extensive time for Q&A so you can learn more about those programs and ask all your questions. 

  • Aim for a career that matters - introduction to our two programs, March 7 2024, 6 PM GMTREGISTER HERE.
  • Our top charity ideas - an opportunity to learn more about top ideas selected for the upcoming Incubation Program, March 14 2024, 6 PM GMTREGISTER HERE.

Important update: One application form

To make it easier for applicants to apply to our programs and test their fit, we’re introducing one application form!

What does it mean in practice: 

  • You no longer have to apply to different programs separately. One form will allow you to apply to multiple programs and different dates of those programs at once.
  • The first initial stage of the application will be unified, while more advanced stages will be program-focused.
  • If you indicate interest and get far in the application process but don’t quite make it, we may offer to connect you with relevant opportunities in our extended network.
  • We will keep you informed about your progress, regardless of what stage in the application you are in. 

For those who are not familiar with AIM programs, here is a brief overview: 

CE Incubation Program

This is a program for entrepreneurially driven individuals who want to make a huge impact with their careers. You could be a recent graduate, work in consulting, for-profit, or an NGO - if you like to make rapid progress and work on a variety of tasks, this will be a good fit for you. 

In our Incubation Program, we offer you

  • 2-month full-time training with two weeks in-person in London.
  • Stipend of £1900/month during (and potentially up to 2 months after) the program.
  • Co-founder matching process based on real-life projects.
  • Possibility to apply for $100,000 - $200,000 seed funding (~80% of projects get funded).
  • Initial operations support and ongoing mentorship.
  • Co-working space in our London office.
  • A community of previous founders, mentors, and potential donors to help you succeed.

A case study: 

If you want to learn more about the experience in our Incubation Program and the journey of founding a highly successful nonprofit, listen to the episode of 80,000 Hours with Lucia Coulter, who joined our Incubation Program in 2020 and Co-founded Lead Exposure Elimination Project. Lucia focuses on the program starting at 01:47:59. 


AIM Research Program

The AIM Research Program focuses on tools and skills needed to identify, compare, and recommend the most effective interventions. We equip you with an impact-focused research toolkit that you later use when working on real-life, decision-relevant research projects. How relevant? A good example is our top idea mentioned above - ceramic filters for improving water quality - which the program participant identified as a promising intervention to launch. This is only one of the potential paths for impact a program participant can have.

What we offer

  • 12 weeks of full-time, online full-time program.
  • Highly promising and neglected research topics.
  • £1,900/month stipends to cover your living costs during, and potentially after, the program (please reach out if you have dependents or childcare costs to ensure financial constraints don't hinder your participation).
  • Complete research toolkit with useful templates and methodologies, like Theory of Change, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Weighted Factor Model, etc.
  • Expert feedback and peer reviews.
  • Assistance in editing and publishing reports to strengthen your research portfolio.
  • Connection to relevant job opportunities.

A case study:

Another highly promising result of our research program can be pursuing a research career. Zuzana Sperlova worked in engineering and consulting before deciding that they were aiming to have an even higher impact with their career, specifically aimed at improving farmed animal welfare. Through the program, they published several reports on neglected animal welfare issues and have now transitioned into a position as a researcher at Animal Charity Evaluators.


We want to encourage people from this forum to apply for our programs, as we highly appreciate value alignment and ambitious dedication to making the most good in our application process. No previous experience or specialized background is necessary to apply. Everyone from any country is welcome to apply, as our programs are mostly held online.






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Hi Ula! 

Thanks for sharing the information, exciting programs! Just out of curiosity, what is the historic acceptance rates for the research training program. While no previous experience is required to apply for the research program, I was curious about the most common work/educational background of successful applicants from previous cohorts. 

Thank you! 

Hi sulfadiazineportkey, 
Thanks for that question! We were incredibly grateful to have received ~800 applications for the current round of the program and were able to offer a spot to a final cohort of ~16 candidates. This means we are looking at an overall acceptance rate of 16/800= 2%. 

Realizing that there is more interest than current capacity, we are looking forward to making parts of the curriculum more widely available for self-study in mid-April. 

Generally, we weigh the test tasks very highly in our application process, and prior experience or any specific background is less important. 

I hope this helps, and we hope to see your application.

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