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Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your interest! There is, unfortunately, no plan in the near future to offer this program on a part-time basis, but we are working towards making some of the material from the program publicly available for self-study or for people to use it in a way that serves them. 

The split between learning and applying is a little bit less distinct than the post might have suggested, I edited it for clarity. Generally, we are trying to emphasize learning through doing projects which means that we expect that after an initial overview week (week 1) we would break down learning goals into smaller sections to accomplish as participants are walking through the different steps of the research process (weeks 2-10). The additional 11th week is for conducting more research and producing reports that will be disseminated among organizations that could use it for their decision-making.

Thanks for the question! We are asking fellows to consider the effects of the problem they are researching on income, physical well-being and subjective well-being. We do however expect that the data availability on subjective well-being for most of the interventions will be thin, so there will likely be some limitations to that line of analysis. 

Great! We just sent you a private message.

Thanks for that question! We will finish running the pilot program at the end of the year and update the program on the basis of feedback received from the fellows. At that point we will be in a position to make the material more widely available. 

Thanks for sharing! We will make sure the fellow who is working on this will have a look at that paper.