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What issues does Jimmy care about that he might like to use his philanthropy to support?

Thanks for this post. Apologies I have not had to read through in detail, but I would suggest that perhaps:

  1. The search criteria that you have used has missed a significant number of papers within the field. Looking at the country distribution you posted, this becomes more obvious; I would suggest looking at the What Works papers that were produced several years ago, where quite extensive literature reviews were being conducted
  2. I think you do acknowledge this weakly, but there is such wide-spanning heterogeneity in the studies that you have included (and the programs the use), that I think tighter sub-group analysis is needed to tease out meaningful conclusions
  3. A lot of work in this space has been done in the last 5-6 years; whilst not a specific limitiation of your work, just something to bear in mind!

How much of this decision for the sponsored projects to spin out was at the request of the individual organisations, and to what extent was it initiated by EV?

Added to an existing fund, although there is the option to give specifically to VAWG charities

@Linch  this is an unacceptable comment, steeped with condescension and some racism. 

Sorry for very short comment Great post , seems like could be amenable to a mass media campaign on it CE are looking to start new mass media charities I think you should get in touch/ happy to introduce

What was the recruitment method for this study? Do you think that could be skewing the data in any way?

As someone who occupies a 'leadership' position in EA, what is your mentality and approach to fostering a new generating of EA leaders, and making sure that we have a bigger, stronger and more diverse group of 'leaders' within the community?

*I don't necessarily love the use of the words leader and leadership, but think it is a helpful and simple shorthand in this instance.

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