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Are there groups/types of people that you would love to see applying to the program who aren't currently (other than just 'talented' people in general)?

High Impact Medicine (read about us here and here) are hiring an executive director to to manage our quickly growing community. You will have the potential to shape and direct highly driven and skilled medics to do the most good with their careers. In this role, you will develop and drive High Impact Medicine’s strategy, and oversee its operations. Note that you do not have to be a doctor to apply; we are primarily looking for someone with a strong strategic and growth mindset who is passionate about EA community building

You can learn more about the role and apply here

Thanks for your comment and completely agree with you! I think the framing of what is the most I can do with my work is a great one that is underappreciated.

Hey Henry this is absolutely great; I just had a look at your website and videos, and think that they are fantastic. Completely agree with the points you made!

Thanks Luke and great question- we are collaborating and working with EA Medicine wherever possible. The main differences as far as we see them are:

  1. High-Impact Medicine is looking to specifically reach out to and engage medics who aren't EAs or haven't heard of EA even
  2. Hi-Med has a local group model (setting up small groups in London, Oxford and Cambridge), whilst EA Med has a global focus. We hope through building individual local communities we can foster deeper engagement (from fewer people) from medics and further our aim of exploring how medics can contribute to addressing the world's most pressing problems effectively.