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Key takeaways

  • Apply for our 5-week virtual Career Fellowship before May 12th.
  • It will take place online in May and June 2024.
  • Who should apply? Medical students and doctors planning or considering making impact-driven career changes and/or career-related decisions relatively soon.


The Hi-Med Career Fellowship is a 5-week programme designed to help medical students and doctors figure out what their high-impact career paths might look like, set specific goals, and explore actionable next steps. In addition, they will learn different methods to reflect on their career and use decision-making processes, prioritisation, and career-planning tools in a group of peers.

Participants should have at least 4 hours per week to commit to it.

When? mid May to mid June  📆 - online 🖥️

You can find more information and the application form here. The application deadline is May 12th, 11 pm CET.  




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