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Key takeaways

  • Apply for our 5-week virtual Career Fellowship before November 5th.
  • It will take place online in November and December 2023.


Applications have just opened for the next cohort of High-Impact-Medicine's Career Fellowship.

It is a five-week programme designed to help medical doctors and students get a clearer idea of what their high-impact career path might look like, set specific goals and identify actionable next steps. They will also learn different ways to reflect on their career and use decision-making, prioritisation and career-planning tools. 
We conducted a pilot at the beginning of this year and ran another cohort in August/September. We have incorporated material from a variety of sources, including 80k, Probably Good, the Global Challenges Project and Clearer Thinking. 

Who should apply?

Medical doctors and aspiring medical doctors, including those considering medicine as a career option, who are interested in increasing their positive impact. Everyone is welcome, irrespective of their geographical location or demographics. 

Participating might be particularly helpful if you are facing an imminent career decision.

Next steps

More information can be found here. We strongly encourage you to apply before November 5th!




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