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Are there any 'maximum egoism' pledges?

Thank you for the swift reply!

I was actually looking for pledges which do not list donating to EA charities as part of the pledge requirements.  Apologies for not stating this context clearly enough!

Creating A Kickstarter for Coordinated Action

Glad to see the same excitement I (and likely many others) feel about crowdsourcing platforms! 

Here are more crowdfunding and coordinating platforms to learn from, look at and discuss with:

The Case for Promoting / Creating Public Goods Markets as a Cause Area

Thank you for the write-up, I just published a related article on the topic today which lists other mechanisms besides quadratic funding which can potentially help grow public goods markets.

Having said that, quadratic funding still gained the most traction and promise so far. In the article above I mention various adjustments which can incentivize longer-term public goods production. There also exists an adjustment to account for public bads: "negative contributions",  though those created some negative sentiments in a recent experiment.

Long-Term Influence and Movement Growth: Two Historical Case Studies

Very cool! Finally had time to read the reports. Would there be any utility in cross-posting this information in OPP's Notable Lessons (or all on Forethought) ? It should appeal to the same audience as Philanthropy's Success stories.