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As a founder of Woyago, we help teams increase their cohesiveness, which is one of the main factor for increasing a team's performance.

As of November 2022, looking to help EA. My calendly: www.woyago.com/antodemo

How others can help me

Help me help you. I've had a pretty awesome (non-EA) life so far. Looking to add impact.

How I can help others

Entrepreneurship advice, team building, management advice.


if a third party ran the survey, the results would be similar? Did you take any measures to prevent a “an EA org is running this so I have to adjust my answers accordingly” bias?

I’m an entrepreneur looking to pivot to a more impactful enterprise. I’d love to work on AI safety but do not have the technical expertise.

Essentially I can be a cofounder that help with strategy, operations, management, sales, recruitment etc.

I’m thinking people might apply for ideas and need profiles like mine to get things off the ground quicker if there is a match between us.

Should I “apply”? Is there any way to get in touch with people who might need a cofounder in this space? Thanks!

Hola Cristina,

Habiendo fundado multiples startups y con experiencia de mentor y coach, ademas venezolano (viviendo en Paris), pienso que podria ser util para esta comunidad naciente de EA en America Latina. Tu que estas metida en la candela podrias de repente orientarme a ver donde y como puedo ser util!

I am not an EA Manager, but a founding entrepreneur with lots of experience managing teams successfully looking to add a bit of impact. Happy to answer questions and provide advice.

Very interesting thread. I'm an non-EA experienced manager with a successful team-building company and was looking into how to help EA orgs with team-building, but it turns out I might be more useful as a manager coach?

I started managing teams 15 years ago and eventually left the corporate world to be a tour guide. Covid forced me back to the manager role and founded my current startup, woyago, which is almost on autopilot.

My Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/antomontani/details/experience/

I have free time and would be happy to offer advice for those of you looking for help on management.

Example areas I might have useful input on (copying heavily from your post Ben!):

My Calendly can be found in my bio.

Happy to (finally!) find a way to add impact to my life by helping you.

The value needs to be researched! I have tried the tool on "hard" mode and the questions are quite nuanced. You would only be able to get the answers right if you really read the article in detail and took your time.

The AI tool will not take additional input indeed. 

I'll do as you suggested! Will try it a few times and post about it

Quiz as a Service for posts

I stumbled upon this service:


That can generate a quiz out of anything. 

Having a "quiz me!" or "did you fully get the article?" button on every forum post where it would provide an AI-generated multiple-choice quiz would probably be very valuable for everyone.

I'd be happy to work on the development of this.

Are there any stats/tendencies on EAs on where they generally stand on the determinism vs free will debate?

Do you think this is relevant to EA?

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