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Apart from the 80000 job board, which is for future Tony Starks, are there any resources to help us mortals get a positive impact job?




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Hi there,

If you're looking for a wider range of job listings, you might find this list of social impact job boards useful.

What jobs are you thinking about? You could always post some of your thoughts in a forum post and people might be keen offer suggestions.

A friend is designing a site to this effect, and she hopes to launch it in Q1 2021 (after refining it over the holidays). The options will be especially geared to EU/N. America/Oceania career options. Please don't hesitate to DM me if you want to brainstorm options in the meantime - otherwise I'll DM you once the site is live next year!

To echo Louis's question, in addition to jobs you're looking into, can you share the region/country where you're searching? (Upvoted both your and Louis's Qs).

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Mortals working in California in Data Science or Computer Science can earn 300k in a matter of <4-6 years of experience. Donating 30% of it is 100k$/year "counterfactually" (There are people who donate 50%). (Although I don't agree with the way they derived at this number, and just looking at it as a start point) Starting your charity with Charity entrepreneurship however is estimated to "counterfactually" account for a 100k$ donation/year. GW researcher in the first year is estimated to contribute "counterfactually" 97k$.

A better way would be to perform life time calculations it appears to truly compare the TOTAL impact.

On the other hand, if you really want to get a "tony stark" job, how about grinding and getting the skills to be THE TONY STARK: It's called Deliberate Practice. "There is in fact a path leading from the state of our own abilities to that of the greats. The path is extremely long and demanding, and only a few will follow it all the way to its end. "

Please leave a comment after downvoting. :)

The title sounds like a "good idea" for an EA org. Something that is missing. An organization that ranks the cost-effectiveness of different jobs (aka ranking).

You could cheaply email existing large job boards and ask them if they were offered such a service (where the evaluation is provided for them by a yet-to-exist EA charity with reputation for it's good impact eval), would they implement it?

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