Weronika Zurek

Fish Advocacy Specialist in Poland @ Anima International
347 karmaJoined Dec 2022Kraków, Polska


I have first joined Effective Altruism when I started volunteering in Anima International over 5 years ago. For 3 years now I have been specialising in fish-related areas of work in Poland. For two years I was the coordinator of Anima International's polish capaign against live carp sales, which I later decided to close. Currently I am looking for new opportunities to engage and work for aquatic animals as effectively as it is possible for me while I am still not pursuing the career path of a professional activist. 

When it comes to non-EA-related areas of my life, I am a student of applied psychology and I work as a recruitment coordinator in International Talent Acquisition team in zooplus (the company name should not be written with a capital letter for some reason - this is not a mistake). l usually spend my free time actively jogging, training crossfit or practicing yoga, but I also enjoy drawing, painting and crocheting. 

How others can help me

I am looking for an EA-related topic for my Master's thesis in applied psychology. If you are in need of a psychological study that could help you in your work, I will be really glad to hear more about it :) 

How I can help others

If you have any questions regarding fish farming in Poland or live carp sales, please do not hesitate to contact me - I will be happy to talk with you about these topics!