Anima International

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We are an international organization which helps animals, particularly farmed animals, as effectively as possible. To help us achieve our goal we use scientific evidence, careful reasoning and decades of experience.

We are impact oriented and use a wide array of tools to make the world a better place. Our current toolkit includes:

  • groundbreaking global investigations which expose animal suffering hidden behind the walls of factory farms,
  • negotiations with companies to make them ban the most cruel practices,
  • advocacy to secure legal milestones for animals,
  • influencing markets to introduce animal-friendly approaches,
  • in addition to this, we work to strengthen the capacity of the animal advocacy movement.


Anima International is hiring for two positions in its UK branch (Open Cages) as its 2nd and 3rd employees - links below. For more information on the recruitment and open positions read this blog post.

We are looking for:

  • Campaign Manager to help us scale up our efforts to end the intensive farming of broiler chickens.
  • Supporter Manager to help ensure Open Cages has the resources and supporter base needed to win campaigns.

Additionally, we are going to open 4 international positions (for our movement building and global multimedia teams) later this year. Those positions will be listed on our Jobs page.