Hi, I am Julian. I am studying Physics and Philosophy in Göttingn Germany, and co-running the EA group here.

Current Goal: Finding out, where my personal fit is best.

Achievements so far: I once Rick-rolled 3blue1brown, I don't think I´ll ever be able to connect to that success.


Announcing "Naming What We Can"!

This comment totally made my day!

A parable of brightspots and blindspots

Hi, I am happy your parable finally made it on the forum.  Also: really nice Idea to also upload the audio of the main text. For me at least, this is awesome, as I much rather listen to things than read them.  Wild Idea: maybe more people could also narrate their posts, and we could have a tag that highlights audio-posts, so one could specifically look for them? 

Incompatibility of moral realism and time discounting

Thanks for that comment and your thoughts! I am unfortunately unfamiliar with the works of Hare, but it sounds interesting and I might have to read up on that. 

I totally agree with you, that there are statements to which we assign truth values, that depend on the frame of reference (like "Derek Parfit's cat is to my left", or the temporal ordering of spacelike separated events.) 

I would also not have a problem with a moral theory, that assigns 2 Utilons to an action in one frame of reference, and 3 Utilons in another. 

I do however believe that there are some statements that should not depend on the frame of reference. 

We have physical theories to predict the outcome of Measurements, so any sensible physical theory should predict the same outcome to any measurement, whichever frame of reference we use to describe it. 

We have moral theories to tell us what actions we should do, so any sensible moral theory should prescribe the same actions, whichever frame of reference we use to describe them. 

If you however do not have that requirement to a moral theory, I see that discounting realists would not have to change their views.

Incompatibility of moral realism and time discounting

Yes, good point. I agree that sufficient specification can make time discounting compatible with moral realism.  

One would have to specify an inertial system, from which to measure time. (That would be equivalent to specifying the language to English for example.) 

Then we would not have a logical contradiction anymore, which weakens my claim, but we would still have something I would find unplausible: An inertial system that is preferred by the correct moral theory, even though it is not preferred by the laws of physics. 

A Case Study in Newtonian Ethics--Kindly Advise

On a side note: I think this is beautifully written, and I would be happy, to read future posts from you. These personal glimpses in other people's struggle with EA concepts and values is something that I think might really be valuable to the community, and not many people have the talent to provide it.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for all the people in the community, who are always happy to help with minor things. Everytime I ask someone for training advice at a conference, or for a, explanation of any word on Dank EA Memes, or for career advice in the Forum, I always got really nice and detailed answers. I feel really excepted through that, especially considering, how rare these things are on the internet.

Competitive Ethics

Interesting Idea. Although I fear we might not like what we find....

Five New EA Charities with High Potential for Impact

I really like this accessible format. However, I think it would be helpful, if there would at least be footnotes to the course of your information, whenever something is an interesting claim (for example "One in three children has dangerous levels of lead in their bloodstream").
I fear that without a tractability of information within official EA contexts, a lot of half true hear say seeps through the cracks.
I don't expect any of the  information in this post to be false, however. 

How much does a vote matter?

I completely agree with you. This whole reasoning seems to heavily depend on using causal decision theory instead of its (in my opinion) more sensible competitors.

The Fable of the Bladder-Tyrant

I am not sure, if no one is getting the joke, or just down voting, because they don't wand irony-jokey content on the EA Forum..

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