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Applications are now open (here)! Deadline: 21st Jan 2024

EA Global brings together a wide network of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives. Speakers and attendees share new thinking and research in the field of effective altruism and coordinate on global projects.

This San Francisco Bay Area event will:

  • Have talks, workshops, meetups, and so on solely focused on risks from AI and other GCRs; as well as cross-cause efforts such as policy and community-building that are relevant to reducing these risks.
  • Be designed for attendees working focused on GCRs or meta/other areas (such as software engineering, law, or community building) where they expect their work to contribute to GCR reduction efforts.

As in previous years, we’ll just have one admissions process across all EA Global events, and we’ll just invite attendees to self-select. That is, for attendees focusing on other areas, you’ll be welcome to apply for this Bay Area event, we just expect it’ll be less useful for you.

Application details

  • Application deadline: 21st Jan 2024 (11:59pm PT)
  • Default ticket price: $500 USD
  • Discounts are available — you can select from a range of ticket price options during checkout
  • All applications for this event will receive a response by 23rd January 2024 at the latest. Most applications receive a response within two weeks.

Travel expenses

We are prepared to reimburse travel expenses for some attendees. You may apply for travel support if the cost of attending feels a bit too high for your budget. You can apply for financial assistance for your travel expenses in the application form. Please check our travel support policy for more details.

Should you apply?

If you want to attend but are unsure about whether to apply, please always err on the side of applying. You can read about admissions for EA Global here.




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May I attend virtually, or buy the videos once they are made?

Please let me know.

Many thanks,

Joie Miriam Delugach


Hi Joie — unfortunately there won't be an option to attend this conference virtually, though we expect talks from the conference will be available on our YouTube channel after the event. It's also very likely that there'll be some sort of virtual EA conference in 2024 (an EAGxVirtual or an EAG Virtual or both).

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