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Hey everyone,

Imagine a debate where

  • no arguments are ignored
  • all questions are answered
  • and at the end, all people agree
    (Or at least actually know why they disagree.)

Is this possible? Maybe!

Georg Jähnig will be holding a workshop on Yes/No debate. It's a simple ruleset for running an effective debate with another person on any disagreement you may have, either spoken or written.

If you want to prepare/cheat: Read his forum post on it and make up your mind about the EA-related ideas listed in this form – we will use them as debating prompts.

You're very welcome, even if you’ve never been to a meetup, or you feel like you don't fit in. Here is the link to our last event, maybe you know some people already: Tell Culture (EA Shenanigans)

Time: The workshop starts at 19:00, feel free to arrive by 18:30. Afterward, there will be time for socializing[1].

Food: I'll bring pita bread, vegetables and dips.

Location: The Chaos Computer Club Berlin can comfortably fit about 20 people. Please RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Directions (German):[2]

Please contact __nobody if you have any questions about the location.

Note: This won't matter for newcomers, but we're meeting on the third Tuesday of the month from now on.

  1. ^

    Rooms close 1 AM.

  2. ^

    Look for this logo over the door:




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Hey all,
thanks to everyone for making the workshop great, especially Georg. I'll post his blog article here and on the Telegram group as soon as it's done. Message me if you are somehow not in the group yet and want in.

You can also message me if you are interested in anything else:

Anonymous Feedback:

Hey everyone,

The next workshop will be on Forecasting!

More details are in the event:
Forecasting (Shenanigans Workshop)

I hope you don't get too bothered when you receive notifications here, on Slack and on Telegram.

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