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Michael Huang

Hi, and welcome to our global community of aspiring suffering abolitionists! :) Our online meetups serve as a platform to grow a global community for motivating each other and collaborating on initiatives towards the abolition of suffering. Please check out our new website to dive into the topic of suffering abolition and find cause areas and initiatives to work on:

Date: 09 July 2022 at 07:00 am UTC

To see the date converted to your time zone, you may use the following link. (It only works if your browser has access to your location.)

We will meet this time in EA Gather Town.


You will find me and Nil frequently coworking in the Suffering Abolitionist hall. Both of us are always happy to help anyone around. 

Flexible structure of the working meetup:

1. 10 min helping people navigating in the EA coworking and lounge space on and introducing the Suffering Abolition hall

2. Moderated introduction round with ~1 min/person

3. Deep dive into 2-3 projects of participants 

4. End round with sharing of takeaways ~1 min/person

5. Open end (probably unmoderated)

Approximate time investment: 1.5 h


We encourage the following contributions during the meetups:

Desired focus of the event: ~50% on

1. Updates on participants’ personal suffering abolitionist projects

2. Insights of participant’s research - please always specify how the insights contribute to projects that event participants are actually working on. 

Next ~35-40%:

3. Personal story sharing / connecting / fun / wellbeing

4. Discussing personal fit for individuals and potential contributions

Last ~10-15%:

5. Philosophical discussions/ discussions of current media representation and potential responses

6. Research unrelated to specific projects




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Only one week is left until the next meetup: 09 July 2022 at 07:00 am UTC

This is the first time now in EA Gather Town.

The first 10 minutes will be dedicated to help people enter, navigate and explore the Suffering Abolition hall in EA Gather Town, which I have set up and decorated with lots of care and help from Emrik. 

As always, in order for everyone to make the most of the event, please make a commitment to work on a topic of your choice relevant to suffering abolitionism. Our list of initiatives should serve as inspiration. But there is no need to make big commitments. Reading an article is fine too! Note: The more precise you are with what you choose to commit to, the more committed you will feel to actually do it. Even better if you share what you committed yourself to. E.g. as a comment here.

As inspiration for cause areas to work on, check out the following mind maps: 


Excited to talk to you soon!


Starting in 3 min in EA 🥳

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