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Apply now! 
Applications are still open (we'll update the event once we're full). As of 15th Dec, 48 people applied, and we have space for a few more. 


  • Weekend retreat for 30-60 people interested in Effective Altruism (both old and new community members) to learn, connect and collaborate
  • Content: 2.5 days filled with talks, workshops, meetups and plenty of time for 1-1 conversations and socialising
  • 13.-15. January (from Friday ~4pm until Sunday ~6pm, arriving late or leaving early is fine) in Berlin-Wannsee
  • Costs (incl. accommodation and vegan food) covered by EA Germany, travel subsidies available if needed
  • COVID policy: All attendees need to be fully vaccinated and self-tested before arrival.


  • Purpose: We want to provide a space for participants to 
    • connect with like-minded people from their city and region and find advisors, collaborators and friends
    • share ideas, discuss and make progress on their plans to do more good (through their careers, volunteering or donations)
  • EA Content
    • We will invite a few experts to cover some of the most pressing problems to help inform participants considering entering those fields. Participants are encouraged to contribute content.
    • You can suggest specific content in the application form – we will do our best to make it possible.
    • There will be structured content such as talks & workshops and unstructured, informal discussions and 1-1 conversations (we can help you find the right people if you want). Here's some content from past retreats to get an impression. 
    • All sessions are optional. If you feel like you are not learning or contributing to a session, you are always free to do something else. 
  • Space to relax and connect
    • During the afternoon breaks and in the evenings, there will be space for fun activities, to relax and get to know each other on a more personal level – feel free to contribute content unrelated to Effective Altruism.

These retreats usually receive very positive participant feedback. Previous retreats such as the EA Unconferences have been rated 8.7 - 9.3/10 on average. To get a better impression, see these photos from a previous German EA retreat (different venue) and this video: 

For whom? 

We expect this retreat to be most beneficial for people who:

  • Are familiar with the basics of EA
  • Share the Guiding Principles of EA: Commitment to Help Others, Scientific Mindset, Openness, Integrity, Collaborative Spirit
  • Understand and speak English (no need to be perfect, though!)
  • Live in Eastern Germany (or somehow feel connected to Berlin/Eastern Germany). If you live in North, West or South Germany, we recommend you have a look at our sister events near Hannover and near Stuttgart on 20-22 January. 

Participants do not need to:

  • Know everything & everyone (this might be particularly valuable if you’re not yet well-connected in the EA community)
  • Already work in EA cause areas, or even know what you would like to work on (this can be particularly helpful if you’re undecided about your career & life plans)
  • Speak German (everyone speaks English)
  • Give a talk/workshop (program contributions are encouraged but not required)

The EA community benefits from a diversity of backgrounds and beliefs, so non-German speakers and people from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. 


Jugendherberge Berlin-Wannsee (Google Maps)

The youth hostel may not be the prettiest building, but it has all we need and plenty of space, and the surroundings are really nice: It’s located in a forest right at the lakeside, easy to reach by public transport but still feels far away from noisy Berlin. 

Accommodation: Choice between a shared four-person room at the venue (costs covered) or book your own accommodation nearby (at your own cost). We recommend staying at the venue or close by (<10min), but Berliners can also sleep at home and commute if they prefer. 

Getting there

Get to Berlin: We found rome2rio.com useful to compare travel options. Train is usually fastest (bahn.deflixtrain.de), bus usually takes a bit longer but is cheaper (flixbus.de)

Get to the venue: Trains leave from Berlin central station every 10 min and take 30 min

Apply here

(Deadline 14th December, same application form for all three retreats)

  • Limited capacity. Late applications can only be considered if we have spots left. 
  • Unsure if you can attend? Apply anyway and mention your uncertainty in the form. 
  • Uncertain whether you would benefit from this? Questions? Don’t hesitate to email us! Anonymous feedback is welcome too! 


Manuel Allgaier (EA Berlin), Co-Lead (content, admissions), manuelallgaier1@gmail.com

Isidor Regenfuß (EA Berlin), Co-Lead (venue, logistics), pranomestro@gmail.com

With support from: 

Yannick Mühlhauser (EA Tübingen), Y.Muehlhaeuser@gmail.com

Sarah Tegeler (EA Germany), sarah.tegeler@effektiveraltruismus.de  




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