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Linda Linsefors
HariN Kevat
Norhanie Guiamadil
Baksheesh Sachar
Erhan Bilici
Roland Pihlakas

Virtual AI Safety Unconference (VAISU) is an online event for both established and aspiring AI safety researchers. The event is a space for you to have productive research discussions around the question: “How do we make sure that AI systems will be safe and beneficial, both in the near term and in the long run?”. This includes, but is not limited to; alignment, corrigibility, interpretability, cooperativeness, understanding humans and human value structures, AI governance, and strategy.

See our website for more info... 

If you are >50% certain you'll attend, please register!

RSVP-ing here or on facebook doesn't count as an event registration, but is encouraged anyway, to signal your intentions to other potential participants. Because an Unconference can only ever be as cool as the people who show up. 




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