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Milena Canzler (Contact Person for EA Germany) and Megan Nelson invite all contact people (or those who want to become a contact person) to meet, socialize and connect a EAG London at 11AM-12PM local time - location: East Mall Sqaure (Upper level). This meeting will take place after the Community Health coordinator introduction by Megan.

We want to get in touch with others in a similar position, exchange ideas and experiences, help each other out with a problematic situation someone encountered, etc.

Expected outcomes: Know other contact people in your region & regular online contact person meetup!

If you're asking yourself, "What's a contact person?": this is a publicly-identified person who group members can bring their concerns about the community to. There may be variations on that theme, but that's part of why we're holding this meetup: we want to learn from each other.




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Meeting place: We will gather in East Mall Square (Upper Level) and either stay there or move to a more convenient location. 

The updated time (10-11) clashes with the Community Builders meetup (09:30-10:25) and I imagine there's a lot of overlap in potential attendees.

Hi Tom, thanks for letting me know! 
I'm using the forum from Germany and didn't pay attention to the time zone that was used in the event. I changed it, since the meeting is supposed to take place after the CB meetup and the CH coordinator introduction led my Megan.

Is the CH Coordinator introduction event live (and if so can you point me towards it)? I can't see it in Swapcard or on the Forum.

There doesn't seem to be an official event. Rocky from New York is organizing it together with Megan Nelson (NY). 

Here is the Slack message from CBG Slack (you're not on that one):

The Community Health Coordinator Role in EA Groups, with @Megan Nelson (EA NYC, she/her): We'll discuss the case for creating this role, recruiting for a community health coordinator for your group, and what a group's community health coordinator does. Sunday, 10:30 - 11:00 am, right after the Community builders meetup


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