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What were you up to two weekends ago? If you’re anything like me, you struggled to answer this question without looking at a calendar, or tracing back your steps. What if I asked you who you were one year ago?

In 2022: What did you achieve? Where did you find challenges? Who did you meet along the way? In this evening get-together, from 17h to 19h, we will individually go through our calendars and summarize any meaningful events of the past year.

At 19h we will begin guided exercises for connection, reflection and planning. And, once we have taken a good look at our past, we will wave it a gentle goodbye and focus our efforts on the future. How are you going to master 2023?

Come, and get inspired and energized with us.

WHEN: December 28th. 17h-19h individual work, 19h-22h workshop.

WHERE: Aurea, Boxhagener Strasse 117, Berlin, Germany

BRING: Any tool you use as a calendar, a journal/notebook and a pen

You are free to skip the reflection and only drop in for the guided section at 19h. In that case, we ask you to go through your calendar beforehand so you have a fresh memory of what happened throughout the year.

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Update: the name on the doorbell is Murshid

Hello all! I hope you had a good time yesterday. I prepared a very short survey to collect feedback. We would love to hear from you so we can make better events in the future:

For the people who had some pizza, I’d appreciate if you could drop a contribution here (amounted to ~9€ per person):

Thank you!