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Grace Adams, Head of Marketing at Giving What We Can, will talk about why it's a mistake not to prioritise giving as part of effective altruism and how effective giving is the key to unlocking the impact that effective altruism seeks to create. You'll also learn practical ways we can all help increase funding to effective charities and projects.

You can learn more about Giving What We Can here.

The event is hosted by EA Anywhere - an online discussion space and a touchpoint for people without local EA groups nearby.  If you want to get more involved, check out our events calendar, subscribe to the monthly newsletter, or join our Slack workspace.




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One thing that I have wondered about for some time is what is the rate of return above which  a charity would rather receive money say a year from now,  rather than now.  We can all suspect that a charity would rather receive $200 a year from now than $100 now, and it is also not unreasonable that a charity would rather receive $100 now than $108 a year from  now.  I suspect that given how  important their work is, a charity would want at least 20% (maybe more like 25%) a year from now more money to happily forego receiving money immediately.  Perhaps others have ideas on this matter that they would like to share.

Eric Seele (

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