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Niklas Todenhöfer

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For this month's meetup at Teamwork, Chris Popa will give a talk for us! Here's his summary:

Effective altruists define key cause areas based on scale, neglectedness and solvability and then identify the most effective interventions in each cause area individually. However, some interventions can have a significant impact on more than one cause area. Animal agriculture not only causes an immense amount of animal suffering, but also is a key driver in many other of the world’s most pressing problems. This talk raises awareness for the issue of intercausal impact and makes a case for reducing and eliminating animals from the global food system in order to tackle multiple cause areas at once.

Chris is a fundraiser and speaker for the EA-aligned non-profit organisation ProVeg, which aims to reduce the global consumption of animals by replacing animal products with plant-based and cultivated foods.

19:30 Arrivals
19:40 Short intro for EA newbies
20:00 Talk
20:45 Open discussion and networking

We'll have some snacks and drinks, and you're free to bring your own as well if you want.

~~~New people welcome! ~~~

We're happy to welcome new people, and this event is a good start! If you’re new, I (Severin) am happy to introduce you to the community – just approach me at the event.
We’re happy to discuss specific EA-related topics, just note that at this event, we don’t have the capacity for a full introduction to the EA philosophy. For that, we recommend you have a look at these online resources beforehand: (EA philosophy & community) (impactful careers)


Any questions, feedback or suggestions? Interested in (co-)organising your own events? Just reach out, we are happy to hear from you! For anonymous feedback, feel free to use this form.

Chris, Martin, Severin & the EA Berlin team

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