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Find more info and apply at https://effectivealtruism.nyc/picnic

EAGxNYC Picnic will be an outdoor gathering for the New York region EA community on Saturday, October 2, from 11 am to 8 pm EST. Modeled after the successful EA Picnic: San Francisco this past July, we are thrilled to host a full day of discussion, connection, food, and games in a beautiful private garden across the street from Prospect Park.

We hope you’ll join us to catch up with friends, connect with new people, and discuss ideas while enjoying delicious vegan food and a beautiful garden space. The event will include thematic discussions, one-on-one meetings, cause area and occupational networking, and fun and games. Think of the event as an outdoor, one-day EA conference with no formal talks — just good conversations and relaxed fun. A full lunch and dinner will be provided from local vegan establishments.

You will need to provide proof of a completed course of COVID-19 vaccinations in order to attend.

New to the community?

We expect the picnic to be a good fit for people who are excited about the potential of putting EA principles into action through their donations, volunteering, or career plans. All community members, new or experienced, are welcome to apply. Don’t worry if you don’t know many (or any) other people in the community; we’ll have lots of social activities to help you settle in.

How to attend

You'll need to submit a short application form. We’ll approve applications on a rolling basis, after which you can purchase your $25 ticket. Capacity is limited so make sure to apply soon!

We don’t want anyone to miss the event for financial reasons. If needed, you can request discounted/free tickets in the application form.




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