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Marcela Ulloa
Adriana Saso-Graves
Jelle Donders

Join us for a discussion of What We Owe the Future, a new book by William MacAskill and NY Times bestseller. While introducing the idea of longtermism to a broader audience, it has something to offer to engaged EAs, too. There are deep dives on moral contingency, value lock-in, civilization collapse and recovery, stagnation, population ethics, and the value of the future. It also tries to bring a historical perspective to bear on these issues more often than is usual in the standard discussions.

We'll be discussing the book in full, but if you don't get a chance to finish the book before the group, feel free to join anyway!

  • If the time doesn't work for you, we are hosting another discussion on Sep 18 at 7 am UTC.
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