Support AMF in tab 4 a cause so it reaches its goal.

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Tab for a cause is a browser extension that donates hearts to charity for every new tab opened while you surf the internet. It's totally free and legitimate. You can read all about it here:

It should take less than 3 minutes to install, since it is an easy browser extension which can be added to chrome quite simply. Though it varies greatly, a single tab generally raises between 1/10 and 1 cent ($USD) for charity, which adds up to a lot!

When you donate a Heart, you are essentially casting a vote for money to be given to your selected charity. At the end of each quarter, tab 4 a cause takes all of the money raised through Tab for a Cause and divide it amongst the charities based on the number of Hearts that were donated to each cause during the quarter.

You can read all about it here:

Now that AMF has won the Charity Spotlight in tab 4 a cause highlighted here:

Please take time to donate all your hearts from opened tabs to AMF so that it can actually receive the money from the opened tabs. Do spread the word around, it is really a low-effort, high-reward opportunity for AMF! There are only a few days remaining to reach the goal.

I believe this is very low-effort endeavor which can yield high results, given that Tab for a cause has already raised over $767 thousand in its existence. All you really have to do is browse the web, open new tabs, donate your hearts, and tab for a cause takes care of the rest. I think especially now, it is a good opportunity to help AMF at almost no effort at all, given that the July Spotlight is almost over, and the goal has to be met in order for AMF to reach its goal.


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Looking at ads and introducing ads into your environment is not free, it's mildly harmful. If you offered me 1 cent per ad to display ads in my browser, I would refuse. The money going to charity doesn't change that.

I saw this post had negative karma, and I upvoted it again to positive karma. I'm making this comment to signal-boost that I believe this article belongs on the EA Forum; and, that, if one is going to downvote articles like this that by all appearances are appropriate for the EA Forum, it would be helpful to provide a constructive explanation/criticism of them.

There is only one day to go for AMF to reach its goal Please spread the word!