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Below is text copied from CSER's webpage about the new project SJ Beard is doing on diversity within Existential Risk studies. 

TLDR: Fill in this survey here.  Its short and would be really nice if people could contribute

"CSER’s Academic Programme Manager, SJ Beard, is conducting a new research study to understand and improve diversity and inclusion in the community of Existential Risk Studies (i.e. the study and management of risks with the potential to bring about human extinction or civilization collapse).

The project will produce a comprehensive strategy for improving the community and may lead to additional academic outputs. The project is led by Dr. Beard with the support and guidance of Suzi Levy, founder of The Red Plate diversity and inclusion consultancy. It is being funded by the University of Cambridge via a Borysiewicz Interdisciplinary Fellowship.

As an initial step, we are asking people to respond to a short survey, which can be found at here.  We are keen to hear both from people who consider themselves part of the community of Existential Risk Studies (in any capacity) and those who do not but who have some knowledge of the community, are interested in it, and/or who feel they have been excluded or marginalized from it. This survey consists of five short questions and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. All questions are optional and 4 of the questions can be answered via multiple choice, write-in, or both.

In addition we will be conducting a series of in-depth semi-structured interviews about this topic to further inform the project, and survey participants can indicate their willingness to participate in an interview. Anyone who does not chose to identify themselves for this purpose will be entirely anonymous and participants will be fully anonymized when the results of this survey are presented."




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