If you're interested in effective altruist projects or volunteering, you may like to completing this form to let others know. It lets you be contacted by anyone recruiting for these, or simply sharing ideas or relevant resources. It also gives all EA groups and organisations a picture of the distribution of people and skills potentially available. The results are shared publicly here - please note that this includes the contact details that you give.

This form was originally created for .impact by its co-founders, Ozzie Gooen and Peter Hurford. But it doesn't belong to any one organisation; any EA is welcome to contact any other EA on it. Indeed, .impact isn't an organisation in the classic sense - it's a venue for coordinating and communicating the projects people are working on and the ideas they have, and hooking interested people up with one of these. (This happens in particular through its monthly Google Hangouts for project updates and free discussion, which anyone is welcome at.) 

You can also indicate if you're already considering or working on projects. If you are, it can be helpful to add it to .impact's central repository of people's projects and ideas, which you can do instead of mentioning it on the form. Interested people can then find either you or your idea, which can get projects going, avoid duplication of effort, share knowledge, and reveal useful synergies. You can also find a partial list of ways to get involved with active projects here. My impression is that EA projects are particularly short of people willing to do design (who don't have to be professionals or hugely fancy at this!)

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