Charity Science job opening!

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Charity Science Foundation

About us
We do outreach for the most scientifically proven global poverty charities (although we have also worked on other proven areas in the past). You can see the sort of activities we do and the philosophy that we follow elsewhere on this website.

About the job
This is not a conventional job. It's a job for people who truly want to have the biggest positive impact on the world. It requires both creative and intellectually challenging thought. Day to day work will have a lot of diversity. The hours are flexible but the work is intense, every team member contributes to strategy and big picture decisions. We are a young team with a unique startup culture. This job will likely challenge and change you more than any job you've ever had before. We are looking for someone who will be able to grow into a leadership/management position in our organization.

Our team is close-knit and we have lots of social nights, from watching documentaries and TED talks, to discussing philosophy, politics, and charity related issues. We have a fridge with vegan food for everyone in the office to share. People on our team are not just co-workers, but close friends. 

Job description 
You will work on many different forms of outreach for cost-effective charities with the rest of our team. In the past this has included networking, grant-writing, events, research, written communications and giving presentations. What you work on will depend on your skills and interests. 

We have a unique startup-like work environment and allow flexible work hours with lots of telecommuting if you are interested. This job can be full-time or part-time and we can start your employment at a month that is convenient for you. 

We ask candidates to work for us on a trial basis (with compensation) before we make a full-time offer. In general, this period will last the equivalent of a month or two, though we are flexible regarding the terms (e.g. spreading the equivalent number of hours over a longer period of time). There may be exceptional cases where we are willing to forgo the trial period. Pay is dependent on experience and negotiable but keep in mind that we are a startup charity so it will not be high.

- Passion for charity and making the world a better place
- Scientific and skeptical mindset
- Communication skills 
- Interest in working on a small team
- Interest in learning and self-improving 
- Able to work from Vancouver/move to Vancouver (although we might make exceptions for exceptional candidates)

- Familiar with GiveWell, Peter Singer, Innovations for Poverty Action, or effective altruism
- Proficient at data analysis and research methods
- Own a laptop
- Vegan or vegetarian
- Experience in a developing country
- Previous nonprofit outreach, fundraising or communication experience (volunteering counts!)

To apply
Please send a resume (creative resumes encouraged) and answers to the questions below to (You may also send any additional material to support your application, though this is not required.) 


  • Describe the biggest thing you have changed your mind on in the last year?
  • What is the best methodology for determining what is the highest impact thing to do?
  • What one area do you think is the most high impact? Why?
  • Tell us about three concrete things you’ve achieved in the last year.
  • Are you happy with your current level of ethicalness or would you prefer to be pushed to improve?
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