I'm working on compiling a global list of EA-recommended mental health resources. You can anonymously recommend mental health practitioners and resources here.

The goal is to centralize mental health resource information so people can quickly connect with local providers and find resources for specific needs. The format will be largely based on Howie's list of mental health practitioners in the Bay Area. I will post the global resource list on the EA Mental Health Navigator site. (More info on the MH Navigator project here)

Please feel free to reach out to me with suggestions/requests/questions at eamentalhealthnavigator@gmail.com - Danica




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I'm a big fan of Crisis text line, though I'm certainly biased because I volunteer there. If you're looking for a list of mental health resources to peruse. Their list of referrals is pretty good.


You can also text them at 741741 and be connected with someone to text real time, their goal is to get you to someone in under 5 minutes, though they struggle during high traffic hours due to volume.

I'm going to be making a post about them (as a volunteer opportunity) at some point in the future, though work is incredibly demanding right now, so it might be a little while.