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By Catherine Low, Michał Trzęsimiech, Sebastian Becker and Vaidehi Agarwalla

The Effective Altruism Resource Hub, a part of the EA Hub, contains a large range of resources for members of the EA community. A team of community members have been writing and collating these resources over the last year and will continue to improve and expand the collection over time.

The first two sections, Learn and Take Action, are intended for anyone interested in EA. Highlights include:

The last sections now form the largest collection of resources and written guides for local group organisers, divided into four sections:

  • Start a group - tips for starting city and university groups
  • Running a group - information on leadership, strategy, community health, 1-on-1s, support and more
  • Events - resources for running EA group events
  • Graphics - editable graphics to use for advertising

We'd like your help!

The Effective Altruism Resource Hub is a community project and anyone can contribute by making suggestions and comments, by clicking on the link at the bottom of each page. We also have a small team of regular volunteers, and are interested in hearing from prospective volunteers that have experience organising EA groups, graphic design skills, copy-editing skills, or who just obsessively keep up to date with EA content! Learn more about contributing here.

The Effective Altruism Resource Hub team

Many members of the EA community have contributed to the resources, including:
Catherine Low, Michał Trzęsimiech, Richenda Herzig, Sebastian Becker, Vaidehi Agarwalla, Eve McCormick, Jo Duyvestyn, Nadia Williams, Asher Benter, Katie Gertsch, Liz Aderhold, Emma Caplan, Rebecca Baron, Fiona Gallagher, David Vatousios, Mac Jordan, James Faville, Pim Kang, Riley Peebles, Avi Iyer, Marcin Kowrygo, Edo Arad and Gidon Kadosh.

The EA Hub is a community created project hosted by Rethink Charity and supported by the Centre for Effective Altruism. Catherine Low managed the Effective Altruism Resource Hub during 2019 while working for Rethink Charity, and is now a contractor for the Centre for Effective Altruism.

If you have any questions about the Effective Altruism Resource Hub or the EA Hub in general, please contact the team on contact@eahub.org.

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