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would agi if it were programmed differently than other ai's and not be able to program or interact with other ai's ?
it could be easily shut down by anyone. you could
easily monitor what it was going to do when it sent a command to to robots . because ai would have to transform it's commands .

if it became asi it would only be using how it was coded with could not control other ai or talk to them . only if it was allowed.




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Your question is hard to read and understand the way it's written. Try using a human proofreader or a software tool like Grammarly.

i used bard ai.

  • Could an AGI like this be easily controlled and monitored? If it can't hide its plans or talk to other AIs, it would be much easier to keep track of what it's doing. For example, if it wanted to send a command to robots, we would see the command before it's sent because it would have to be changed into a form that the robots can understand.
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