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Animal Ethics has just published the first module of a video course on wild animal suffering. It covers the situation of animals in the wild as individuals, including the harms they suffer, and ways of improving their situation, including some of the ways this is already being done. The 13 videos of this module (an overview, an introduction, and 11 different units) can be seen here:

Overview of the course

Summary — Introduction to wild animal suffering

Unit 1 — What is wild animal suffering?

Unit 2 — Harms suffered by animals due to weather conditions and natural disasters

Unit 3 — Diseases and parasitism

Unit 4 — Hunger and psychological suffering

Unit 5 — Conflicts

Unit 6 — Injuries due to accidents

Unit 7 — Reproductive strategies and wild animal suffering

Unit 8 — Rescuing animals

Unit 9 — Various ways of helping animals

Unit 10 — Vaccinating animals in the wild

Unit 11 — What you can do

We’ve already released the complete companion guide to the course here: Introduction to wild animal suffering: A guide to the issues. This guide (which is over 200 pages) expands slightly on the content of the course and has extensive references that also serve as references for the videos.

Subtitles for most of the videos are available in English and Portuguese. The next module of this course will cover the moral consideration of animals and the final module will cover welfare biology, the study of animals living in the wild with respect to their wellbeing, and how this field can be advanced in the future.




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