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[Update: As to depositors, see Jeff's comment.]

Probably very little? While there's a chance that depositors will take a haircut, that haircut is likely to be modest. The larger issue for depositors may be loss of access to funds for a while, although I expect next week's advance payment will be substantial. And if I had money, I'd lend it with very little hesitation with the uninsured deposits as collateral -- would probably want something like 1.10 in deposits backing 1 in loans to be safe.

Such a large percentage of SVB deposits were uninsured that there isn't going to be a concentration of losses in that class the way there might be at other banks.

If a major funder has significant exposure to SVB bonds or stock, that might be a different story.

The FDIC, Federal Reserve, and Treasury announced that depositors will be fully protected, and have access to all of their money starting 2023-03-13, so any EA-destined funds at SVB should be fine.