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I'm working on a smaller project and we are exploring our options for receiving tax deductible donations. One of the options we're considering is associating with or being a subsidiary of another organization that already has their 501c3 status. I haven't gotten very far into investigating this question yet, but I just wanted to see if someone else has a good sense of the landscape of options. 




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https://www.ppf.org/ or https://rethink.charity/fiscal-sponsorship are the most common organizations used for new EA projects. 

Thank you! I'll investigate those. 

(I'm not a lawyer. I'm commenting based on some experience doing similar things in the U.S.)

It depends on what area you are working on. There are a variety of orgs whose mandates span large parts of EA-space. If you know what area you're working on, I suggest focusing on orgs that are closely related to that area. I think that nonprofits have to be able to show how their activities relate to their declared mandate/mission.

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