Julia Wise (Community Liaison at the Centre for Effective Altruism) hosts a series of four conversations exploring some of the common challenges faced by people in the effective altruism community.

In the future, we may post a transcript for this talk, but we haven't created one yet. If you'd like to create a transcript for this talk, contact Aaron Gertler — he can help you get started.




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Thanks so much for this session! I found it really valuable. Specifically, the conversations on mental health and the dynamic between EA and social justice felt very relevant for me. I think this style of session could be very effective at reducing alienation/isolation within EA, underscoring its diversity, and strengthening one's sense of community, especially for those who feel like they are outsiders in some sense. I would definitely support having more of these types of sessions in the future.

it is very helpful and very effective session .thank you for this

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