For Project for Awesome, 

  1. People make short videos supporting charities and submit them to the Project for Awesome website.
  2. People vote on the videos Friday, February 12th to Sunday, the 14th.
  3. The charities with the most votes win money. In past years, this was USD $14,000-$25,000 per charity.

Last year, we coordinated to support 4 EA charities and each won at least USD $14,700, so at least $58,800 in total!

This year, we're supporting more charities. For more details and updates, check out our group, EA Project 4 Awesome 2021! and our Facebook event.


Step 1 is done, and we are now voting, starting Friday, February 12th, at 12pm/noon EST, until Sunday, the 14th, 12pm/noon EST.



0. Invite your EA friends to vote, too! Invite them to our group, EA Project 4 Awesome 2021! and our Facebook event.

1. Open one video first and do the CAPTCHA before opening the others in new tabs. After doing a round of voting, check back in about 3-3.5 hours to see if you can vote again.

2. Open each of these links, and open each video in separate tabs to vote for ALL videos for each of these EA charities (do one charity at a time in case you get CAPTCHAs again):

3. Other EA-supported charities that were nominated:




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I've just added No Means No Worldwide, which has provisional support from Founders Pledge.

Typo notice: Some of the links in this post redirect through Facebook rather than going right to the P4A website.

Thanks for coordinating all of this!

There's another typo: "Sinergia", not "Singergia"

Thanks for catching this! Fixed.

Looks like you can vote every 3-3.5 hours without cheating, since the vote button on each video will work again after around 3-3.5 hours.

(Cheating can get our charities disqualified and may have actually done so in the past, so please don't do that.)

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