It's the final day of the UK financial year today, and for many of us that means one important thing: donation time!

Did you recently make your annual donation? Was this your first time? Did you break a previous record, reach a satisfying total, or number of nets bought, number of children dewormed? 

One of the things I think is remarkable and awesome about people in effective altruism is that so many of us have decided to DO something. It would be great to hear from people excited, happy or even quietly satisfied about making donations - wherever you are in the world, whatever your pledge, or if you are just beginning to try out giving, share your story and share high fives at making the world a bit better. 

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My own little victory dance:

When I set my threshold for my pledge in 2009, I pledge both an absolute percentage and a threshold of £25000 above which I would donate all money. I had done my research and tried to set a level that would cover both my own needs and that allow for having a family.

This is the first year we have had to pay any real costs for our daughter. For the first year of her life I was on maternity leave, so the cost was an opportunity cost of reduced salary. When I returned to work last May I had two new pretty huge expenses: full time child care (£10k a year, shared with my partner), and - because I was returning to do a PhD - full time university fees which cost £7000 a year.

I'm really excited to have been able to meet both my pledges this year, and within the threshold I've set, to have been able to pay for my study, childcare, as well as my own every day expenses. I'm feeling much more confident about being able to meet my pledge in the future while still providing for my daughter.

This is incredibly impressive Bernadette - not just the efficient use of money and level of philanthropy, but the overall incredible balancing of commitments and lifestyle. I'm always particularly humbled when hearing what EAs with young families are achieving; a reminder of how easy those of us without such commitments have it, so no excuses for us!

Thanks for being so kind Sean. I think you work harder than just about anybody I know: no excuses needed for you!

Congratulations, great work! I really appreciate the intentionality with which you approached your donations, and integrated them into the rest of your life :-)

Congratulations, great work seriously. Keep it up.