I'm a participant in the EA Israel Fellowship program,

In our program our final assignment is personal projects which we will measure and assess their impact, we chose the projects ourselves and are now implementing them. 

As part of the Fellowship I need the help of experts in the field of pedagogy and / or psychology (more details below), I chose to engage in 2 projects –

 one is a youth hostel in Uganda, run by another fellow , the hostel is actually a social business. The program identifies skilled young adults from the local community with big ambitions and potential and employs them in the business for one year. During their time of employment each participant gets to attend classes and workshops on financial management, entrepreneurship, leadership and life skills, all while receiving support in applying for higher education scholarships and vocational training programs. The primary goal is for the program graduates to not only become financially independent, but become fully active members of society, ambassadors of change, leaders in their communities and active participants in the fight against poverty and unemployment.


 The second project is my own personal project, in which I hope to one day establish a similar social project for women and girls from low socio-economic status in Cambodia.

 As part of the project I want to build a social and educational program, for the afternoon to be used by both the hostel in Uganda and my in program in the future.

 In addition, as part of the program, the other fellow and I are planning to collect data and measure the effectiveness of the program while running it.

 For these two purposes we want the help of professionals - in the field of pedagogy –

 help us put together a social plan for the two projects (the plan will be the same and I will make modifications to my personal project if necessary) the scope of work is estimated at about 30 hours, but can vary. 

In the field of psychology – 

building a personality questionnaire that will form part of the general questionnaire that will be the main source of data for the impact evaluation, and consulting regarding the general questionnaire, the scope of work is estimated at about 10 hours. We will be happy to connect with professionals who can assist voluntarily but we will also be able to compensate if necessary.

If you know any professional who would be willing to mentor our projects, please contact us at- danielshehter2@gmail.com




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