Intestinal worms are debilitating, widespread, and under-treated. School-based deworming is safe, cost-effective and scale-able. What is the evidence base for the work that the Deworm the World Initiative undertakes? 

Grace Hollister is responsible for strategic management and technical oversight of Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative. She leads fundraising and advocacy for Deworm the World, and works closely with country teams on delivery of cost-effective, evidence-based technical assistance. Grace also works with a variety of partners to expand opportunities for school-based deworming programs globally. Previously, Grace worked at the Millennium Challenge Corporation where she was involved in portfolio analytics, database design, and program operations due diligence and implementation in Ghana and Tanzania. Grace received her BA from Tufts University. She lives close to the beach and hopes to become an expert paddleboarder in the near future.

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