Do you have Christian friends and relatives who might be interested in EA? This post recommends resources to share (in addition to general EA resources). 

It can be helpful for Christians to learn about EA as a mindset that chimes well with their faith rather than as a secular ideology in tension with their basic commitments.

Here is a list of EA for Christians’ most helpful outreach links (see the bottom of the post for advice in case you want to share only 1 or 2 links):

  1. 5 Minute Introduction Video
    Note: we have a youtube channel with more videos, e.g., a fireside chat with Paul Niehaus, co-founder of GiveDirectly, or one on CS Lewis & EA
  2. Facebook group
    This is the best low-threshold resource for becoming part of the community.
  3. Blog
    As introductions to EA, you might also prefer to share specific posts, in particular one of the personal stories or the Learn More section of the website. One of these posts might also be helpful:
    - A little bit of chicken fried to share
    - Christianity, relationships and making an impact
    - Using our careers wisely
    - John Wesley: The Use of Money 
  4. EA for Christians’ Events 
  5. Intro Course to Effective Altruism for Christians
    This is a 4-week online course with a time investment of about 3h/week 
  6. Book a 1-on-1 with a Christian involved in EA 

-> If you share only one link, we suggest our website: 
-> If you share two links, we suggest the intro video and the facebook group.


If you’d like more specific advice on what to share, we are more than happy to help: 

  • Just ask in the comment section or send an email 
  • Consult Asia’s 20-minute video on how to promote altruism and effectiveness among Christians 
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