Some highlights from the article (bolding added):

Several Chinese academic attendees of the summit at Bletchley Park, England, which starts on Wednesday, have signed on to a statement that warns that advanced AI will pose an “existential risk to humanity” in the coming decades.

The group, which includes Andrew Yao, one of China’s most prominent computer scientists, calls for the creation of an international regulatory body, the mandatory registration and auditing of advanced AI systems, the inclusion of instant “shutdown” procedures and for developers to spend 30 per cent of their research budget on AI safety.

The proposals are more focused on existential risk than US president Joe Biden’s executive order on AI issued this week, which encompasses algorithmic discrimination and labour-market impacts, as well as the European Union’s proposed AI Act, which focuses on protecting rights such as privacy.

Note that the statement was also signed by several western experts, including Yoshua Bengio.




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