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Canterbury University, New Zealand seeking assistant-professor-ranked philosopher of AI ethics: https://jobs.canterbury.ac.nz/jobdetails/ajid/uUIS7/Lecturer-in-Philosophy,8123

Note that the position is for a "Lecturer", but in the New Zealand academic system, this title is roughly equivalent to the "Assistant Professor" rank in the US system.

We invite Lecturer applicants specialising in the ethics of artificial intelligence to join our Department of Philosophy. The successful candidate will: contribute to teaching in a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate philosophy courses, not limited to ethics and AI; will be eager to promote AI ethics and ethics more generally as subjects across the university, and to teach AI ethics courses to students from diverse backgrounds; will maintain a strong research programme and win external research funding; will supervise postgraduate students; and will participate in departmental and university administration. The appointee will be expected to forge links with and contribute to the wider profession at the local, national and international levels. 

The closing date for this position is: Tuesday, 1 November 2022 (midnight NZ time)

This position would be suitable for

  • a PhD student in AI Alignment or AI Ethics close to graduation with some papers published or
  • a PhD graduate in AI Alignment or AI Ethics
  • who would like a permanent full-time research and teaching role at a public research university
  • Is in or able to relocate to New Zealand




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