.impact is recruiting for full-time or part-time salaried positions. Alternatively, if you’re interested in interning with .impact, there are opportunities to do so over summer, or for a few months (for example, after graduating), either remotely or alongside the team in Vancouver. You can find details of a recent intern’s experiences here.

At .impact, you’ll be part of a small, non-hierarchical team with high levels of autonomy, living and working alongside dedicated EAs. Depending on your interests, you could learn skills such as project and volunteer management or web development.

A few of the projects .impact is currently focusing on are:

Some advantages of both jobs and internships include:

  • A great opportunity to live in an exciting new city with access to natural beauty
  • Most of the logistics of setting yourself up in a new place taken care of, with the apartments already set up
  • Living and working with like minded EAs
  • A fun social scene available, with regular movie nights using our projector, intellectual discussion evenings, parties and hikes in the mountains
  • A chance to explore the Pacific North West
  • The convenience of free food in the office
  • Unparalleled levels of autonomy and responsibility
  • Intellectually stimulating, diverse and rewarding work

For these positions, the following are desired:

  • Able to work in Vancouver for full-time work (visa will be sorted out); part time work can be remote
  • Able to work for at least a few months; longer preferable
  • Strong dedication to EA
  • Motivated by direct EA work
  • High levels of autonomy, able to make autonomous decisions and manage projects
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (i.e. able to deal with large amounts of correspondence with EAs and prioritize tasks)
  • General technical proficiency (being able to learn computer skills; web development would be a plus, though is not necessary)
  • Great organizational skills, dealing with a high variety of tasks and prioritizing well

Potential ways to demonstrate your fit for this position:

  • Successfully organizing a local EA presence
  • Participating in or running EA projects
  • Showing conscientiousness and the ability to get things done
  • Volunteering with .impact first by making a firm commitment to do some fixed minimum number of hours a week.

To apply, please email your CV and details of your availability to office@eahub.org. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.




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For those already in Vancouver (or who know people who are), here's flagging that you'd maximise your chances if we heard from you as soon as possible.

Great that .impact is at this stage in its development, exciting! I've shared to some contacts.

Thanks Gleb! Anyone else who wanted to share this (and others' job postings) would also be helping out.

If we already applied a few months ago, I assume that you would not want to be bombarded with additional emails?

Yep, you'll be in the queue and everyone will hear about interviews, etc. at roughly the same time. :)

That was a test for prospective employees...

I thought maybe it was demonstrating .impact's commitment to pursuing multiple projects.

Ouch, and she studied English at Cambridge! Those Oxbridge degrees aren't all they're cracked up to be. :p

I thought that this was a difference between British and American English at first...

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