80,000 Hours user survey closes this Sunday

by Ardenlk1 min read8th Sep 20203 comments



Hi everyone,

This is the last week of 80,000 Hours' annual user survey.

Please tell us about your experiences with 80,000 Hours, good and bad. Have you read an article, or listened to a podcast episode, that has impacted you? Have you explored a career option you wouldn't have, or learned about a new problem area from us? Do you have an opinion on what we're doing wrong, or what we should do next?

We're thinking about what to do in 2021, and we rely on your feedback to help guide our strategy. By telling us about your experiences, you can help us decide which of our programmes to keep, change, cut, or expand.

The survey is here. It's pretty in-depth, and we want to hear your in-depth answers, but all questions are optional so if you only have time to answer a few questions we hope you do so.

The deadline is this Sunday, September 13th.

Thank you!