The Centre for Exploratory Altruism Research (CEARCH) ( is a cause prioritization research and grantmaking organization. We have been commissioned by a donor partner to investigate the EA meta funding space, and through the following survey, we hope to better understand your experience (as an EA organization or individual) with the current funding landscape:

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You should take this survey if (a) you have previously tried (or are currently trying) to get funding for an EA meta organization/project, where (b) EA meta is understood as projects that improve our ability to do good (e.g. researching cost-effective ideas, or persuading more people to give effectively, or helping people transition to high impact careers, or doing community building for EA) - this is in contrast to projects that do good directly (e.g. distributing malaria nets, or advocating for improved farmed animal welfare standards, or designing an advanced market commitment for vaccine development in future pandemics).

The survey is anonymous, and the identity of respondents will never be disclosed to our donor partner or the public.

We are grateful to anyone taking the time to provide input on this issue!

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