Rethink Charity is happy to announce that the Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN) is conducting an impact assessment due for completion in November 2017. LEAN is now in it’s third year of operation. Although we have previously assessed specific services, this will be the most comprehensive investigation to date. We welcome any input from the EA community during the initial planning stages of the assessment.


The assessment will utilise mixed methods by incorporating quantitative data from the Effective Altruism Survey, the 2017 Local Group Survey, and qualitative data from interviews with group leaders.


At a basic level, we expect to gain a clearer sense of the counterfactual value added by LEAN to the EA movement. We would define this value as tangible increases  in the amount of engagement with EA, including but not limited to, the increase in total EA groups and individuals recruited to EA. The assessment will also aim to add to the community’s knowledge regarding the most effective techniques and strategies for group management and impact.


Our research team is led by Richenda Herzig and supported by Peter Hurford, Tee Barnett, and David Vatousios. David Moss is our internal advisor,  and Greg Lewis is serving as an external advisor.


If you would like to participate in our assessment, we are looking for group organisers willing to participate in interviews via Skype/Google Hangout. If you haven’t already completed the Local Group Survey, this would be enormously helpful to us as well [1]. We are very grateful for the fantastic response we’ve had so far.


Please feel free to reply to this post or contact Richenda at to provide any input or additional comments..


[1] The survey is open both to group organisers and members, and takes up to 30 mins for organisers and 10 mins for members. The survey will close on the 25th of September.




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