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I’m a tech product manager and would love to dedicate some free time to help a non-profit further develop their product or service. Preferably working on global health & poverty alleviation, but also open to other EA causes like AI and x-risk.

Please share if you know of any! Or if theres any online repositories I should be looking at.




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Not a non-profit, but since you mention AI and X-risk it's worth mentioning DeepMind, since program managers are core to how research is organized and led here: https://deepmind.com/careers/jobs/2390893.

If it's not too self-serving for me to mention this, the mental health chatbot that I run is in need of volunteers: more info here https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/yWGaezWTuPY6LcJ4f/tio-a-mental-health-chatbot

I also run SoGive, an organisation with an exciting mission to expand our analysis to a broad range of charities. We need help with updating our website, so coders, especially those with frontend experience, would be great!

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Not an existing nonprofit, but you might also be interested in creating one of the Software Platforms in this post

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