Hi everyone,

Based in Lima, Peru, and fluent in Spanish and English, I'm transitioning my career from public and for-profit sectors to Effective Altruism (EA). Attending EAG x LATAM solidified my interest in the movement's focus on maximizing positive impact.

I'm seeking opportunities with EA organizations as a Project Manager, PMO Manager, or OKR Coach (particularly if you're implementing OKRs for Q3-2024).

My Skills & Experience:

  • 12 years of experience as a Project Management Professional and PMO Manager
  • Certifications such as Agile Leader, PMP, Scrum, OKR Master
  • Expertise in leading and managing projects, fostering collaboration, and ensuring successful execution.

Open to Part-time, Remote, and Virtual opportunities.

Passion for Impact: Interested in working on projects related to telecommunications, mentoring, coaching, education, health, global climate change, poverty alleviation, and software development.

A Bonus: For organizations with a presence in Latin America (LATAM) or those interested in expanding to the region, that would be amazing.

Connect & Learn More: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scarrillop/

Webpage: https://www.sarachas.com

Availability: Ten (10) days. 

Please reach out if you have any openings or suggestions!

Best regards,

Sara Carrillo




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