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The Global Priorities Project is looking for an intern to support work in either a research or a policy capacity, depending on the skills of the successful candidate. The two roles being considered are:

Cause prioritisation research intern

The successful candidate will work alongside Owen Cotton-Barratt to develop an aspect of our programme of cause prioritisation – helping to answer the question “What are the most promising areas for directed policy work?” The work may include blue-sky theoretical modelling as well as more grounded research based on cost-benefit analysis literature. A successful candidate will show an aptitude for independent research, good written communication skills, relevant knowledge, and an understanding of our work.

Policy development intern

The successful candidate will work alongside Sebastian Farquhar to develop policy aligned with one of the Global Priorities Projects policy priorities – global catastrophic risk or effective governance. Depending on the skills offered by the candidate, work could include fleshing out and designing a policy proposal, or drawing together collaborators to launch an initiative to improve governance through better evidence. A successful candidate would ideally have good communication skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, an understanding of the UK policy process, and relevant knowledge.

The Global Priorities Project

The Global Priorities Project is an Oxford-based think tank that brings the best research to bear on policy areas which are selected for their importance, tractability, and neglectedness. You can find details of our impact and our team on the about us page.

We aim to grow quickly over the next year, making it a particularly exciting time to work with us. The work we do now will have a big effect on shaping the direction of our future efforts.

Role and application process

In both cases, the work will be fairly independent, with a distinct workstream involving stand-alone outputs. However, the relevant lead will be deeply engaged with the work on a day-to-day basis and we see coaching and personal development as a key part of the internship.

We support interns by covering accommodation and expenses, but do not offer a salary. Start date and duration are flexible, though we anticipate most candidates would prefer the internship to happen over the summer.

We are able to provide appropriate visas for non-EU nationals, so candidates from other areas should feel free to apply.

Applicants should send a CV to recruitment@centreforeffectivealtruism.org alongside a cover letter outlining their reasons for applying in no more than 300 words. Applications are due by midnight on the 10th of May. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview in the following week, and the successful candidate will be selected after all interviews are completed.

Questions about the application process should be sent to recruitment@centreforeffectivealtruism.org Questions about the roles should be sent to seb@prioritisation.org




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